Message From The Mayor

On behalf of our citizens, staff and municipal council, I would like to extend greetings to visitors to the municipality of Trinity Bay North. 

The Municipality of Trinity Bay North consists of four towns; Catalina, Little Catalina, Melrose and Port Union. While we operate as a single municipal government, each town has its own unique history and identity.

Trinity Bay North is blessed with an abundance of scenic and picturesque features such as lookouts, hiking trails, and natural swimming areas. We also have a very rich historical and cultural past. Catalina harbor was visited by Jacques Cartier in 1534. The Joseph Clouter Library in Catalina is the oldest public library in Newfoundland outside St. John’s. Port Union was the first town outside St. John’s to have electricity and is the only union built town in North America. The Coaker Premises tell the amazing story of Sir William Coaker and the rise of the Fisherman’s Protective Union. We have Arch’s Dream, a one room schoolhouse museum, as well as Coaker’s Bungalow, the Port Union Museum and multiple beautifully crafted churches, of which several are over 100 years old. Trinity Bay North is the site of a variety of 560 million year old fossils including one fossil that is the oldest evidence of animal muscle tissue on earth, the Haootia quadriformis.

Trinity Bay North has many amenities of a larger center, such as; a pharmacy, a medical clinic, a credit union, a hotel, a hardware store, grocery stores, service stations, retail stores, B&B’s and restaurants. A new marina and café are under construction

While our town boasts many attractive features and amenities, our number one asset is our people. We are blessed to have so many citizens who selflessly donate their time to make our town a better place to live. We have a volunteer fire department, a Royal Canadian Legion, a Lions Club, a fifty plus club, a Women’s Institute, Sea Cadets, Scouts, Girl Guides, tidy towns committee, economic development committee, Historical Society, recreation committee, little league softball, senior league softball, kids club, Vista Family Resource Center, local church groups and the list goes on. We also have a k-8 school, Catalina Elementary, which just recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. It has a history of academic excellence and it is integral to many of the community groups that exist in our community, from local floor hockey and volleyball leagues, to cadets and scouts, to benefit concerts for ill community members. It is a bustling center of activity and is considered by many to be the heart of our community.

Trinity Bay North was hit very hard by the closure of the Northern Cod fishery in 1992. It was hit hard again when hurricane Igor swept through and forced the closure of the OCI shrimp plant. Shortly after the closure of OCI, the local seal processing plant also ceased operation. These events have caused economic hardship on many residents and businesses in Trinity Bay North. However, despite the many obstacles our community has faced, we have seen a population increase of 19.3% over a 5 year period putting us in 7th place out of 356 communities. Also, with a 30.5% increase in employment over a 5 year period, Trinity Bay North is ranked 4th out of 277 communities. Our town is ranked above average in relation to having a very strong sense of belonging in our community. We have won the provincial Tidy towns competition multiple times and most recently were recognized with an award for excellence. Finally, we are a very affordable place to live with one of the lowest average assessed residential property values in the province. (

We are very proud of our community, its people and what it has to offer. We have a bright future and we welcome you to come visit our beautiful town. Thank you for visiting our website. Hope to see you soon.

Thomas J. Cooper
Municipality of Trinity Bay North